docomo Money Transfer

docomo Money Transfer is a service that enables you to send a remittance in a local currency or U.S. dollars from your DOCOMO mobile phone to bank accounts or counters of affiliated beneficiary financial institutions in 21 countries and regions, including the Philippines, U.S., U.K., and Australia.

Application :Required
Monthly Charge : Free
Transaction fee (borne by payer)
Each transfer: ¥1,000 (non-taxable)


Simple overseas money transfers

There is no need to fill out an application form each time you transfer money.
From the second time, you can transfer money easily using the history.


Convenient overseas money transfers from your mobile phone

Enjoy the convenience of using your mobile phone to transfer money from anywhere in Japan.
There is no need to stand in line waiting to make a money transfer.


Very reasonable transfer fee of just ¥1,000 per transfer

If you transfer no more than ¥500,000 per month and ¥450,000 per day, the transfer fee is just ¥1,000 per transfer.
The transfer fee for transferring large amounts of money is also very reasonable.

  • noticeYou are responsible for any fee charged for the FOMA/Xi subscription, etc. required to use this service.
  • noticeSeparate packet communications charges apply for using this service.
  • noticeWhen a remittance is received, a separate handling fee may apply at the local financial institution.
  • noticeThe transaction fee will not be refunded even if there was a mistake in the remittance instructions or the recipient did not receive the money.

For details on applying, check How to Apply for Usage Registration.

<Information about no commission fee for transactions to the Philippines>

Typhoon Haiyan hit central Philippines and extensive damage has occurred mainly in the Leyte Province. We offer our condolences to everyone who was affected. For docomo Money Transfer, there will be no commission fee for transactions to the Philippines.

Time Period
November 15, 2013 (FRI) 15:00 - December 31, 2013 (TUE) 15:00

The 1,000 yen commission fee (tax-free) will be sent back into your docomo kouza after the middle of the following month from when you made the transaction. This is intended for person-to-person money transfers sent from Japan to the Philippines within the time period.

Note: docomo Money Transfer is different from donations and fund-raisers.

Applying for overseas money transfers

QR code


dmenu → Service list(See list) → Convenience → docomo Money Transfer


iMenu → Menu List → docomo Money Transfer

noticeYou can also apply by phone.

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